In the run up to the ALL ENGLISH UEFA Cup and the Champions League Finals in 2019, I reached out to renowned football attire archivists Classic Football Shirts to collaborate on a series of images of the fans wearing the shirts avaliable in their store. I chose to photograph my close subjects to be my close friends that are fans of Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs.

Classic Football Shirts requested that each of my friends answer “What does it mean to you that your team is in the final?”

JJ (Liverpool) - Global Domination, Recognition & Success . YNWA is being felt amongst us & is within our blood.

Lo (Spurs) - Ever since I was a child I’ve supported spurs. There’s been soo many times where we could of and should have won games. This is different. Champions league symbolises the best of the best. I need to see my team win the premier league or the champions league in my lifetime. NOW IS THE TIME!!

Max (Arsenal) - “Feels good, now we better win it”

Daniel (Chelsea) - “Tomorrow the curtain will come down on our rollercoaster season with a European cup at stake in a London rivalry that we’re hungry for revenge in - it has all the makings of a great game.

Omari (Arsenal) - Since I was a young boy I’ve dreamed of a time when Arsenal would become European champions and I believe our time in now. COYG.

Akber (Chelsea) - It means my team never falls off. We still finished top 3 in the premier league table as well. Even when Chelsea has a bad season, we still take fat W’s compared to most.

Andre (Liverpool) - “Lose in Madrid and it’s test matches for me next year. I can’t take two in a row”.

Josh (Spurs) - I feel like the final is the build up to more than just this champions league, it’s been years in the making for spurs. For the club, the players and the fans, and now this year with the new stadium it’s the perfect conclusion to seasons and seasons of standing by what we knew was possible.